It is important for all to have a good personal understanding of sex. Many people are frustrated in their personal life due to an impersonal condition: sex. Many people are not educated in sex. This is why this blog has been set up: share with others what works for you, that all can experience that all is one. READ THE FIRST POSTING.

Sunday, January 01, 2006



Viagra and Vaseline are examples of a philosophy of rape. Sexual penetration is presented as if the norm or ideal; it is not. Sexuality has many form, it is one of the unspoken wordless forms of body language. There is a fundamental logic to the way our body functions. It is not subject to the dictates of advertising nor the mind; the body has an understanding of its own. The absence of an erection is but one of its signs; it is rarely a symptom.

Erection ‘impotence’ is in fact often a power of the body to express itself. Often it is a reflection of a simple body understanding: the man is tired, has other things on his mind, is disinterested at a deeper level, or is incompatible with the partner for whichever reason. Sometimes it simply signals that the man is immersed into deeper feelings, deeper levels of sensing and sensation, a kind of trance state where the sexual is not expressed in penetration but in union. Not only the penis and vagina are covered with skin, but so is all of our body. There are many occasions where – for and in a sexual interaction – the skin is the predominant interface for communication.

Presently many people are falsely sold on the idea that lack of erection is ‘reason to see a doctor’; Pfizer actually uses huge billboards to announce this message. This is a response to the sale of Viagra; a replica of the age old herbs used for sexual stimulation. Many of these herbs work by e.g. irritating the urethra, with a tingling sensation that can be confused with sexual arousal. For those experienced in the training of Qi, the difference is pronounced. And the herbal ‘cure’ no ‘remedy’ for what the body is trying to tell you.

It is much easier to listen to the message of the body; and to realise that sex is not about penile penetration, but about sharing with the other, in fact with the universe as a whole. (One of the reasons many churches down-regulate sex is because it is one of the roads to spiritual enlightenment by direct learning from the wisdom of the body.) Sex is about continued existence: about the union of the part with the whole; the human with the universe (a.k.a. god).

From the point f perspective of the body impotence is not a problem but a solution, not a symptom but a signal. By buying into ‘cures’ you become ‘sold’ on the idea that sex is about penetration; it is not. It is about the continued existence of the species. Sex is not a gratificatory for of mutual masturbations, as momentary relief of daily problems; although many know sex in this way. Sex is part of the mechanism by which the universe maintains its continuity and ongoing existence. The basic form of the underlying connectedness of the universe is commonly called love. When love is felt, sex still soars in absence of erections.

Sex is Simple

Sex is Simple

Sex is built into our body.From our emergence out of the symbiosis of microbes (read up on the work of Lynn Margulis for this) our body makes use of two mechanisms to continue to exixt:
  1. Cell division; this is what is described in many medical text books.

  2. Sexual recombination.
BOTH are relevant to our continued existence, as Both are essential for the continued existence of the human species. Sex is not a personal affair: it is part of the existence of our species. Cell Division and (sexual) Cell Fusion – together – are part of the mechanism of attunement of the part to the whole. Together they ‘straddle the interface’ between unit and unity.

Sex is already seen in the microbes. There, differences in experience are communicated by the sharing of information, which is done by the extrusion of a protein strand from one microbe to another. The mechanism for making hormones, enzymes, and proteins that is found in body cells is therefore already basis of sexual transmission. In it, one cell that has migrated to other domains communicates what it experienced to cells that did not. In this way microbes can build up immunity to antibiotics. (Which is good for those microbes, and also for humans as antibiotics treat only the symptom and not the cause. Most microbial infections are by microbes already living on our body, but able to live in unusual spaces because the body circulation was changed.)

Sex has many shapes: as many as the species that the microbes by their symbioses developed into. The logicality and necessity of sexuality is thus a natural aspect of nature.

Sexuality has many modes of denial; as many as there are cultures and social groupings who in a way try to impose their ‘rule’ as superior to that of nature. Sometimes, rarely, such social regulations on sexual behaviour are well-meant. Most often they are forms of cultural tyranny by which one group of people wish to impose their ‘superiority’ onto others. Churches are well-known for their abuse of sexual regulation instead of sexual education.

Sex is best understood by understanding the body.
In it, all the principles and ‘secrets’ of sex are readily found. For the body  they are necessity, not a secret. So, in order to understand what your sexuality means and represents, study the workings of your own body. And realise – as described above – it is part of the way our cells function and replicate: cell division within bodies; cell fusion between bodies.

Monday, May 16, 2005

The Logic of Biology - sexual development and maturity

Biological development of our body goes through very logical phases.
This is not surprising as our body has developed over 2 million years.
Our body development is 2 billion years if we include all earlier life forms.
All of this experience is built into our body; sex is part of our ongoing existence.

There are some marked changes in our body, that are all related:
Birth, the changing of our teeth, the onset of puberty, and the emergence of our wisdom teeth.
Each of these take place - roughly - 7 years apart. A '7 year cycle'.
These 7 year phases can be called: Baby/infant, Child, Adolescent and Adult.

Sex comes into play at the 3rd phase of development, that of adolescence.
This is the phase where the body is prepared for sex, and pregnancy.
This is the natural time or timing to become pregnant and bive birth.
The longer we wait, the more there is risk that our genes deteriorate through cosmic radiation (Erwin Schroedinger, "What is Life?").

This leads to a natural rhythm of development:
At adolescence the human becomes pregnant and has babies.
This is the time teeners/students habitually stay up late to party: the body is geared to be able to sleep less in taking care of a baby.
It is also the time the adolescents psychologically discover who they are: this happens naturally in giving care to a baby.

It presents a logical cycle of personal/social development:
The adolescent becomes pregnant and has babies: this is between '14 and 21 years'.
When the infants change teeth to become "Child", the parents enter adulthood and learn responsible interaction with others.
When the child becomes "Adolescent", they in their turn become pregnant and have babies. Their parents then go live their social lives.


It means that - from a bio-logical perspective - babies are born, and learn to use their body while their parents get to know themselves. When they become Child - after changing their teeth - their (now Adult) parents help them understand the world around them.

It means - from a cultural perspective - that our culture has become disconnected from our nature: the development of our body as the basis for sexual (thus social) interaction.

This blog is intended to help reconnect cultural social development with our natural bodily development.

Sexual Selection

There is a logic to sexual development and sexual selection.

Sexual Selectivity
Humans can be very specific in who they select to mate with.
They can know who is their partner; and they can be confident that the sperm the partner provides is indeed received.
This is because humans make use of sexual intercourse in the form of sexual receptivity and penetration.
The sexual aparatus of humans - vagina ("sheath") and penis - has developed as part of a extensive pattern in nature:

Sexual Exchange
The basis of sexiality can be found already in microbes.
Bacteria exchange a protein strand, which has the information of the differences in context and conditions that they lived through.
(Lynn Margulis points out that our existence is based on the symbiosis of microbes.)
It is through this information exchange that we learn to live and survive in context/conditions that we ourselves dit not live through.

Sexual Echange Development
Exchange of this encoded information takes place in various forms:
  • Plants spawn by the wind, and pollinate via insects
  • Fish spawn in a cloud in the water, which the male can swim through to add sperm
  • Birds (and other animals) use cloacal junction contact: one duct pressed onto another
  • Mammals use insertion of a probe (penis) into a receptor (sheath) for more secure coupling

Partner Selection
This development shows that there is a greater selectivity for the DNA that is used for mating.
Humans can be very precise and selective in the choice of the DNA to be used in conceiving offspring.
This implies that the woman can be very selective about the man she wishes to mate with, & v.v..
In many cultures this biological basis is not part of their cultural social psychology in regulation of mating...

Our biology indicates that the ability to be specific about the choice of sperm DNA for fertilising the egg DNA is important.
This blog is set up to learn to appreciate the implications.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sex School

It is important for all to have a good personal understanding of sex.
Many people are frustrated in their personal life due to an impersonal condition: sex.

"Particularly the Private Parts are meant to be shared".
"Sex is not for the survival of the individual, but the species."

Many people are not educated in sex; their frustration leads to many forms of social conflict.
Many religions uphold or impose ideas about sex, or abstinance, which are not related to our body.
As a result, it is as if all people have to rediscover sex on their own.

This blog is where you can share what you learned.
  • This blog is only for you to describe your personal experience: what you learned that worked well for you.
  • This is not for what your heard from others or would wish.
As sex is meant for the survival of the species, and the continuation for human creation, only the male-female form of intercourse is relevant for this sex school.
This blog is not about masturbation (and other forms of purely personal (physical) enjoyment), but about the experience of unity in duality.
This is why many religions are cautious about sex: it offers a direct way to experience your unity with/in the universe.
This is also why this blog space has been set up: that all can experience that all is one.